Current Closures

Throughout the year climbing areas can be closed for wildlife and other reasons. Check the City Of Boulder – OSMP Trail and Area Closures for complete details.

October 19, 2013 – Flatirons post-flood update

In addition to climbing on the First and Third Flatirons , OSMP has re-opened two other areas:

  • from Shadow Canyon Trail north to parts north of Fern Canyon Trail. North of Fern Canyon The Goose, East Ridge, Nebel Horn and Seal Rock are open. Bear Canyon is closed. Please note Shadow Canyon cannot be accessed from the south due to damaged trails that remain closed.
  • Dinosaur Mtn/Mallory Cave Tr formations habitually accessed from the Mallory Cave Trail are now open. This includes Dinosaur Rock, Der Zerkle, Red Devil, Finger, Hand Box, etc. Skunk Canyon and climbs typically accessed from Skunk Canyon are closed.

A list of open rock formations is found on OSMP’s site. Here’s a helpful overview map showing open/closed trails.

The FCC organized 15 volunteers to meet with OSMP on Oct 9 to learn trail assessment methods. Beginning Oct 10 the volunteers assessed climber-access from Mickey Mouse Wall in the south to The Dome in Boulder Canyon in the north. Reports and images were given to OSMP for their prioritizing and planning  needs. Once OSMP determines that access trails are safe and passable without further damage they will progressively re-open climbing terrain. Trails that require restoration will be prioritized and scheduled for work.

Lands and structures (bridges, culverts, etc.) have suffered significant damage. After prioritizing needs OSMP will welcome volunteer help with trail repairs. (Please send us an email if you’re willing to volunteer: .) We’re hoping the climbing community shows-up in strong numbers to lend a hand. The FCC will keep the community posted on volunteer projects and re-openings. Once the closures have been lifted, in whole or in part, OSMP will post any change in status on its’ website.


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